Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos

In anticipation of tomorrow’s feast, an old post.

Again and Again

For some time my brother in law had been looking for a job. He applied, had numerous interviews and, more than anything, spent much of his time waiting. These were difficult and stressful times for him and his young family: months and months of uncertainty. Despite the disappointments which each interview inevitably brought, he kept his faith. He prayed regularly and faithfully and quite fervently, convinced that his day was coming. Finally, glory be to God, it came and he was able to find a job. It was a good job, one in his own field which ended up taking him to the very center of the financial world: Wall Street. This meant that he had to move and as the move was sudden it found him a bit unprepared. In this new and bustling environment he had to quickly find a temporary place to stay before he got on…

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