The Truth


Is the truth a good thing or a bad thing?

I’m trying to get back to blogging. What I’m really trying to get back to is writing; plain and simple. Not sure if I can do it, but this morning I’m gonna try and hopefully I can keep at it.

The truth. In yesterday’s gospel the Canaanite woman, a pagan woman, went after the truth. Jesus wasn’t too nice to her at first. Neither were His disciples. But she kept at it and she got what she wanted – her daughter was healed. Christ said some nasty things to this Canaanite woman before healing her daughter. In response? The woman swallowed her pride and kept praying. She was after the truth and knew what she wanted.

Knowing the truth can be an ugly thing. The gospel of the Canaanite woman is proof of that. So the question remains: Do we really want to know the truth about some people? There’s nothing nice about it. “You can’t handle the truth,” Jack Nicholson warned us and I think he was right.

Christ is the truth. Western theology has trained us to think that we are the ones who “accept” Jesus as our Savior. In reality, He is the truth. Period. The truth about everything. The truth about ourselves is not something we reveal to God and then decide whether we’re going to accept Him as our Savior or not. He is salvation whether we accept Him or not.  As far as the truth about how we lead our lives, He knows that, too. Subsequently, He is the one who reveals it to us – which we’ve been hiding or justifying from ourselves. Once we accept that, like the woman of Canaan accepted that she is a “dog”, we’ll be okay.


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