The Spirit of God is Known by Fellowship

In the New Testament the Holy Spirit is in an essential manner the Spirit of the “community” of Jesus, the “Church”. For the Holy Spirit is a spirit of fellowship, bringing individuals out of their isolation, making “one body” of them. To be sure, there is for the most part little evidence of this inContinue reading “The Spirit of God is Known by Fellowship”

We are no surprise to God

Taken from Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Farrell, PA weekly bulletin, 2010 Confidence to Speak (Jeremiah 1:4-10) In almost every Christian’s life there have come doubts. Can I possibly witness to my neighbor? Can I teach Sunday School? Can I live the Christian life at work, where so many do not honor the Lord? Jeremiah knewContinue reading “We are no surprise to God”

Elder Paisios as He faced death

H/T: Orthodox Way of Life (here) After spending time with my Father who at 98 is coming to terms with his mortality, I began to wonder how some of our Church Fathers would provide counsel in such situations. I found this account of Elder Paisios as He faced terminal cancer. –– Geronda, the final diagnosisContinue reading “Elder Paisios as He faced death”

Your Life is Hidden

Father Pat’s Pastoral Ponderings – October 19 If the true identity of Christ our Lord, his inner Person begotten of the Father, remains a mystery concealed from the world (John 14:22), something similar is also said rightly of those who put their hope in Christ, because they too are defined by their communion with theContinue reading “Your Life is Hidden”