The Conception of God

9781483413051_COVER.inddI received a copy of The Conception of God, Eternal Life by V. Rev. Milan Popovic in today’s mail.  A  slim book with only 76 pages but since picking it up I felt compelled to blog about it.  The book deals with questions we all have: the existence of God; our existence, who are we? what is the meaning of life?  While science gives us answers it tends to generalize, assuming “that all people think and feel alike”. Thus we turn to God, to Scripture to find answers not about the big questions but about ourselves.

Having only read the first few pages I can’t give a proper book review but look forward to reading it and blogging more about it in the coming days (if time – and new baby – permits!). 

For now I leave you with the opening passage:

Several years ago, a college student came to my office. After being seated, he said, “I have come to tell you that I don’t believe in God.” It was obvious to me that it was a challenge to engage me into an argument in which he was expected to be the victor.

“You are not alone in your disbelief in God,” I commented. “Cats and dogs don’t believe in God either. As a matter of fact, no animal in the whole world believes in God. The capacity to entertain faith in God is one of the few privileges with which man is specially endowed, such as articulate speech, scientific and artistic endeavors, and evaluation of mortality. Therefore, I am not viewing your lack of faith in God as a distinctive mark of your superiority, as you apparently regard it.”

He was visibly astounded by this unexpected trend of thoughts and remained silent. Then I continued, “To me, your disbelief in God is fully understandable. When you were a child, you entertained childish and unscientific conceptions of the world and God. As you grew up, your conceptions of the world gradually changed, and today, they were mature, However, your religious conceptions have not passed through the same type of evolution; they are still immature and erroneous. Today, you are rejecting your own immature and unrealistic conception of God.”

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