We are not our own bodies…

Inner-River1An excerpt from Inner River, by Kyriacos Markides

“…..I don’t believe that this can be proven in any strictly scientific sense. But if you connect the evidence to all the other factors that we’ve examined so far, such as the teachings of the great saints and mystics of history, it provides further support. If nothing else, the near-death experience supports the idea that the mind and brain are not one and the same thing. So what you said earlier, that you are only your five senses, is simply not true. One can exist, feel, think, have memories, and observe events happening in this world while one’s body is clinically dead. It means that we are not our own bodies.  Some ivestigators today have coined  the term ‘nonlocality of mind’. Their conclusion is that our brain is simply the instrument for the expression of our mind and personality. What I am trying to say is this: our ability to think, have memories, be aware as personalities with likes and dislikes, have human relationships, develop whatever skills and knowledge while living in this world is not absolutely dependent on a physical body. The physical body is necessary to allow us to live in this world and to develop our conscious mind and personality. But once the body is gone through death, personality continues to be. This is what I think one could rationally and tentatively conclude based on the indirect evidence we have up to this point of our human experience. In short, we continue to be beyond death….”

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