The Old Testament without the New

“The reason we cannot understand the Old Testament without the New Testament is this. We believe our father, the father of mankind, is Adam, the first-made man. This is only partly true. Adam is the ontological beginning of our corruptible nature. Our corruptible nature, however, is not our true nature. Mankind’s true Adam, its true root, is not the first Adam but the second, the Lord Jesus Christ. Without Christ an understanding of man is not possible. He is the true Man in whose image man was made. Without Him there is no understanding of creation, because He is the end and purpose of all things that were made.

From the first Adam we have our old nature, our biological existence; we have the “coats of skin” made for us by God to protect us from the consequences of the fall. As St. Gregory of Nyssa said, we have the “second creation by God”, in other words, we have our natural properties that God’s providence supplied so we may survive the destructive consequences of our departure from Him.”

The Six Dawns
Alexandre Kalomiros


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