Father, Mother, Child – Symbol of the Trinity

328186_vladika-milutin--spc--rs_f“….A child belongs to God – not to you, dear parents. But a child is a gift from God, a gift to you. God’s greatest gift. Why did He give you a child? To give them everything – that’s how you will kill it! You gave birth to the child, mother, and you, father, because you witness thereby , through the Holy Mystery of Matrimony, that you are God’s helpers in creation and continuation of this world. That’s what you are. That’s why the father, mother and children are a symbol of the Holy Trinity. You, father, and you, mother, when you enter into marriage and bear children, you continue the act of God. What a sanctity marriage is! But you bear children, to mold them, as an artist, a sculptor forms a face. So that you might model them that they resemble God. That’s the goal of bearing children…. ”

Bishop Milutin
on the Feast of the Entry of the Theotokos, 2007



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