Historical and Contemporary Holiness

bishop-martinAnyone in the Chicago area might be interested in listening to Bishop Maxim speak December 7th at Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral.

More info here.

Here’s a snippet from the cathedral website:

We asked the bishop, in advance of the seminar, if there was a difference between historical and contemporary holiness.

“There aren’t essential differences, but there are differences in expressions and types of holiness — just as there are differences, for example, between saintly efforts (podvizi) during the time of martyrdom and the epoch of St Photius the Great,” Bishop Maxim explained.

“These differences relate to expressions and living conditions, as well as the mentality of people who live the Gospel and confront the challenges which stand in the way of personal togetherness with God,” he added, noting that at no previous time in history was there such an open “de-holification” of faith as there is today, driven by certain celebrities and media.


One thought on “Historical and Contemporary Holiness

  1. Thank you! Just what I need to hear… having read the work of our Holy Fathers as expounding the sanctification of God’s creation… making it visible through icons, churches, and holy places… I think perhaps we are called upon to stand forth and reclaim the world as Holy in God’s name… beginning with our selves.

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