Serbian Family Tree

0446007.48The Croatian newspaper, Danas, reported (here) a small and very offensive sticker that appeared on a pole at the Zagreb Square. The sticker said: Serbian Family Tree, and depicted people being hanged from the branches.

Luckily, it was taken down almost ten minutes after it had been put up.

4 thoughts on “Serbian Family Tree

  1. Not surprise for me, as a Serbe even living in Serbia, I get similar messages trough a social network from some individuals from Zagreb.
    I can imagine how it is for the Serbs living in Croatia. All prayers for them.

  2. Absolutely sickening! No excuse. I don’t care who is predominant where. I am of a mixed ethnic background and my family suffered terribly at hands of criminals who flourished during war; any excuse to commit atrocities. We should all be ashamed of that history – no true Christian could do such things. This horrible poster de facto depicts my family and I. Inexcusable and barbaric!

  3. This saddens me greatly. As a daughter of a Serbian mother and a Croatian father, I have felt the hostility from both directions. And still do.

  4. The offensive pole-display picture of Serbs being hung on a tree in Zagreb, Croatia — and sarcastically titled “Serbian Family Tree” — conveys the hostility that some Croats still have toward Serbs, as well as a warped and disgusting sense of humor.

    The fact that Croatia is a predominantly Catholic Christian country while Serbia is a predominantly Orthodox Christian country — and both nations were part of the now-defunct Yugoslavia — may be the primary reason for displaying this anti-Serbian “hate message.”

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