The Bible is not the word of God

biblepicH/T: Discerning Thoughts (here)

Metropolitan Hierotheos points out some differences in Western and Eastern theology. See link above for full text.

“….And other theologians transfer into the Orthodox Church the western viewpoint that the sources of our faith are two: the Holy Bible and Sacred Tradition. Of course nobody doubts the value of the Holy Bible and Tradition. But, the orthodox, patristic teaching on this point is that the source of faith is revelation, which is given to the “god-viewing” Prophets, Apostles and Fathers (“the unexpressed words” (Corinthians II, 12:4) that are experienced by “god-viewers” according to the revelatory experience), which “ineffable words” are subsequently transferred through expressible words and meanings, in order to guide their spiritual children to likewise reach the personal experience of revelatory theology.  In this sense, the Holy Bible is not “the word of God”; it is only “the word pertaining to the Logos of God”.

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