The Place Called Hell

Taken from Gehenna: The Orthodox Christian Doctrine about Judgment and Hell, from the Tradition and Holy Fathers and a Historical Survey at Icons of the Last Judgement by Archbishop Lazar Puhalo (here) “….Latins, and later Protestants, developed their concept of hell (as well as of heaven) from the presuppositions of civil law, Aristotelian rationalism, andContinue reading “The Place Called Hell”

Feeling Good vs. Being Good

In his perceptive book This Little Church Went to Market , Pastor Gary Gilley notes that the professional marketing journal American Demographics recognizes that people are: “…into spirituality, not religion….Behind this shift is the search for an experiential faith, a religion of the heart, not the head. It’s a religious expression that downplays doctrine andContinue reading “Feeling Good vs. Being Good”

We are all human

“In general, the whole concept of ‘Greek’ versus ‘Russian’ seems to us rather artificial and is only a cause of quite unnecessary tensions and quarrels. Obviously, the ‘Greeks’ who use ‘Russian’ as a term of opprobrium are thinking of a certain attitude among Russians which is indeed deplorable; and the other side obviously has inContinue reading “We are all human”

The inability of man to love

Homily delivered by Bishop David of Stobija upon his arrival in Johannesburg for the church feast of St. Thomas the Apostle. Loosely translated from here: (Pictured far left – fellow blogger Deacon Steve Hayes, author of the Khanya blog.) Dear brothers and sisters, I would like to share with you a thought and feeling IContinue reading “The inability of man to love”