Life Has Real Meaning

800px-sunflowersThe below article is taken from DOXA, a quarterly bulletin published by the Monastery of the Holy Archangel Micheal (here)

Is Life the Result of some Prehistoric Accident? Or Does God Really Exist?

All human beings need a sense that life has real meaning. Many people today believe that one’s personal concept of the meaning of life need to be nothing more than his or her subjective fantasy. But does that belief actually work? We think not.

The universal human desire that life has some sort of real and objective meaning is not merely a religious question. The human belief that life has meaning underlies every type of human endeavor, great and small. One has seen person after person become swallowed up by depression when he or she comes to believe that the hope for meaning is hopelessly meaningless.

Humans conceive of objective and ultimate meaning in many ways. But whatever that concept might be, it serves as one’s concept of God. The Christian conception of God is grounded in the conviction that The Ultimate Meaning of the universe has infinite characteristics which we identify as “personal” (for God is the One Who is, “I am”). But the Christian Faith does not result from our projection of human characteristics on God. It is the other way around. We view ourselves as finite reflections of The Infinite and Ultimate Person. We do not create God in our own image; we believe God has created us in His Image. That is the Christian explanation for the fact that human beings of every race, religion, tribe and nation, experience the desire to worship a Divine Being, and to seek a genuine relationship with that Divine Being.

Today there is widespread denial that an Ultimate Divine Person actually exists – at best it is an unreal fantasy. It is therefore no surprise that millions of human beings depend on alcohol and other drugs (and drug-like addictions such as power, hatred, sex, and cruelty) to alleviate their fear that nothing and no one has any real and ultimate meaning or worth. We are already seeing the tragic results of this paradoxically-religious “unfaith” in American society. The simple reason AA, NA, and the other 12-step groups have so much success is that their members share the belief that there actually exists One Who loves, guides, and forgives, and Who gives each person in the program the deep conviction that life is not merely an accidental “one-damn-thing-after-another” existence. Rather, in seeking healing in our lives, we come to believe that we have a profound and ultimate purpose.


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