Here we go again….

PatrijarhsrpskiAnother year, another gay pride parade in Belgrade….

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Pride Parade is “Ultimately bad thing” – Serbian Patriarch Irinej

BELGRADE – Serbian Patriarch Irinej said that the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) is against gay pride parade, and added that the church and the state must do something in order to incentive birth, as well as spiritual and moral renewal of the Serbian people.

Referring to the LGBT population in Serbia, how report states in never sharper tone, Patriarch condemned their attempt of a gay parade in Belgrade.

Asked what would he tell to that young people from the LGBT population, who are planning to walk the streets of Belgrade, the Patriarch said:

“What the wise are ashamed of, the foolish are proud of.”

Patriarch Irinej, however, did not want to comment whether the government consulted with the Serbian Orthodox Church on the organization of the parade and if he expects unrest and violence in Belgrade, in the case the event take place.

“In our tragic time nothing is so compromised as a marriage and family. Marriage and family are systematically destroyed, especially with gay parade,” said the Patriarch.

He added that Serbian people need just that plague to disappear from the face of the earth.

“The family is the basic unit of society and the nation. A healthy family is the basis for a healthy society, healthy people, healthy education, healthy culture,” said Serbian Patriarch Irinej and concluded “that it is the final time that the Church and the state do something to incentive birth, as well as spiritual and moral renewal of the Serbian people.”

Pride Parade in Belgrade is scheduled for Saturday, September 28th.


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