The Christian Life as a Complex Reality


“…contemporary Orthodox theologians have observed that according to the Orthodox experience, the Christian life is understood not merely as a moral and spiritual reality – contrary to the somatic and physiological reality – but as an all encompassing complex reality, a God-given life in all its dimensions, beginning with the animal and somatic aspect and stretching across the psychological  and spiritual planes to the cosmic dimension. Man and the entire cosmos are mutually connected in a mysterious way. In the Orthodox experience, life is understood and experienced dynamically, which is adequately expressed in the Slavic word “podvig” ….. Man, created in the image of a perfect God, is continuously striving toward his Prototype, and does not rest on the horizontal plane of nature because the “infinity” of God’s love incessantly calls out to the “infinity” of human freedom…..”

Taken from Is There a Biochemistry of Freedom, Bishop Maxim of Western America


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