Bees and Icons


A friend found this story somewhere online and did a quick translation of the article:

Even Honey Bees Respect the Icons

In a recent news brief, it was reported that a beekeeper, just outside of Athens, Greece, had placed an icon of the Crucifixion in a beehive.  When he returned he found that the bees had covered the area around the icon with wax comb, but left the icon face itself open.  The following year he did it again, with icons of Christ, the Theotokos, and the Saints.  The same thing happened again – the image on the icon was never covered.  Finally he placed an icon with the three crosses on Golgotha.  Later he found that the bees had left open the image of the Crucified Lord and the Good Thief, but had overlaid the Bad Thief with  a heavy carpet of wax.  God’s ways are truly mysterious!

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