Regarding the Holy Cloud of Mount Tabor

holy cloud

Read about the “annual miracles which takes place at Mount Tabor, especially about the Holy Cloud, which just about every year after the Vigil it occurs by covering Mount Tabor. Specifically it usually comes from Nazareth, an all-white cloud at a very low height, and it stays above the Church of the Transfiguration covering all the people, and it often descends to the earth.

This only happens when the Orthodox Christian pilgrims chant. When they don’t chant, nothing comes….”

on John Sanidopoulos’ blog MYSTAGOGY  (here)

2 thoughts on “Regarding the Holy Cloud of Mount Tabor

  1. Yes, but consider the words of the author of this article when they say that they feel that any expression is poor to describe what they experienced and felt. I think it’s fair to say such stories can have little use to our faith. Because faith is based on experience.

  2. What I have always wondered about stories such as this in the age of our current technology is why I don’t see any kind of clear coverage of it in any media. I read accounts (like the miracles of saints that are in the daily readings), and I have seen the occasional unconvincingly poor motion photography or still photographs, but, if something so overwhelming is happening so clearly to those present …. Well, one wonders about the spiritual significance of such an experience for those who do not experience: those, that is, whose faith must be grounded in something that is absent such direct witness. One wonders a few other things too, I suppose. I have never, in any case, found these stories useful to my faith, but perhaps that is a shortcoming of mine.

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