Regarding the Holy Cloud of Mount Tabor

Read about the “annual miracles which takes place at Mount Tabor, especially about the Holy Cloud, which just about every year after the Vigil it occurs by covering Mount Tabor. Specifically it usually comes from Nazareth, an all-white cloud at a very low height, and it stays above the Church of the Transfiguration covering allContinue reading “Regarding the Holy Cloud of Mount Tabor”

Dormition Fast and Grapes

A few words from Hieromonk Platon of New Marcha Monastery in Richfield, Ohio: In clarifying the Typicon for the Feast of the Lord’s Transfiguration, which is found in the August Menaion, we find a warning which deals with one special kind of fasting. Namely, the Fathers order that a blessing of fresh grapes be doneContinue reading “Dormition Fast and Grapes”

Fifteen Days of Fasting

A nice message from my neighbor Fr. Thomas Constantine in Boardman, Ohio (here) which applies to us Old Calendarists these last days of August. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Greetings in our Great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Kali Sarakosti! The first fifteen days of August are very special days because they are dedicatedContinue reading “Fifteen Days of Fasting”