Dancing with the Cardinals

Dancing Cardinals Meet the Pope (and other such nonesense) By: Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick H/T: Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy (here) Even if I were somehow able to be convinced of Rome’s unique dogmas, stuff like the above is one of the main reasons I could never become a Roman Catholic. I have been told by Rome’sContinue reading “Dancing with the Cardinals”

The True Faith of Methodism

H/T: NewsBiscuit (here) Madonna foreswears celebrity religion; converts to Methodism Music legend Madonna has turned her back on the controversial Kabbalah sect to embrace ‘the one true worldwide faith of Methodism’. The controversial singer explained the circumstances of her dramatic conversion at a hastily-convened press conference: ‘After the divorce and failed adoption bid I’d hitContinue reading “The True Faith of Methodism”

Man was created for love

H/T: Notes on Arab Orthodoxy (here) Metropolitan Ephrem Kyriakos “And God saw that it was good.” Man was created free for the sake of love. He is the link between the Creator and creation. His feet are on the earth and his thought is directed toward heaven. He is body and spirit, manifest and hidden.Continue reading “Man was created for love”