Taken from a homily given on St. George’s day by Archimandrite Tikhon (Rakicevic) abbot of Studenica Monastery, loosely translated from the Patriarchal newspaper Pravoslavlje:

“A Saint, who prayed much in the 11th century, in speaking of his experiences in battling against the evils in himself, wrote:

‘In this life, inasmuch as with the help of repentance we freely and voluntarily enter in Divine light, we see that we are accused and we are being judged. However, thanks to God’s love and mercy, the accusation and judgment is given secretly, in the depth of our souls, for the sake of our cleansing and remission of sins. Only God, like us, can see the hidden depths of our souls. Those who go through a similar judgment during this life, shouldn’t fear the second judgment. But for those who, from this world, do not wish to enter light so that they might be judged and accused, for those who hate the light, the Second coming of Christ will reveal a light that is temporarily hidden and reveal everything which was a secret. Everything we hide today, not wanting to reveal the depth of our souls in repentance, will be revealed in light, before the Face of God, before the entire cosmos (world), and what [and who] we are in reality, will appear openly.’

Therefore, Christians conduct themselves in the light of God’s judgment before the Dreadful Judgment. So that they might free themselves of the bonds and receive the sureness of salvation already now, for that which we hide now will surely be revealed, revealed before the whole world. That which does not enter the Kingdom of Heaven should not be hidden and kept inside oneself.  On the contrary, the negative powers should be revealed and destroyed within ourselves, or more specifically – transfigured. Just as St. George pierced the dragon with a spear, that is, the negative powers, we must destroy everything within us which will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven….”


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