Fulfill the Commandments

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Taken from the website of the Serbian Patriarchate (here):

His Grace [Bishop Jovan of Shumadija] spoke about keeping the commandments in his homily. The Lord does everything for us and our salvation. Everything the Lord did for us was that we might better understand Him. He said to the Jews: “believe in my works”. How can we meet the Lord? St. John the Theologian says that we can best know God if we fulfill the commandments. The measure for our Christ-knowledge is fulfilling the commandments. Through the commandments we know what is good, and what is bad.  The Lord said “If you know these things, you are blessed if you do them”. If everything we say in Church is not in synergy with our hearts, then we are like a resounding bell.  Our entire beings participate at the divine services. God doesn’t want us to do more than we can – nor less.  Our desire and will give us the strength to fulfill the commandments. The Saints left us an example of keeping the commandments. We must achieve love towards God and love will enable us to fulfill the commandments.

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