Don’t insult my religious feelings

H/T: RT (here) Putin signs ‘gay propaganda’ ban and law criminalizing insult of religious feelings Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed two controversial laws strengthening the penalties for “propagating homosexuality among minors” and for insulting people’s religious feelings in public. Vladimir Putin has signed the so-called ‘gay propaganda’ bill after the upper house, the FederationContinue reading “Don’t insult my religious feelings”

A Resurrectional Funeral

H/T: Mystagogy (here) Testimonies of Miracles Following the Repose of Elder Justin Parvu By Archimandrite Demetrios Athanasiou In the Romanian website Blog de Dogmatică Empirică, there is a testimony from Professor Marian Maricaru regarding miraculous events that followed the venerable repose of Elder Justin Parvu at the Monastery of Petru Vodă in Moldavia. Comments belowContinue reading “A Resurrectional Funeral”

Marriage and Friendship

The below quote is taken from an interview Fr. Josiah Trenham conducted with Roman Catholic Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco about same-sex marriages. Listen to the full interview here: “….it [legalization of same sex marriage] will also undermine our understanding of friendship. Because what they call the revisionist view of marriage as opposed to theContinue reading “Marriage and Friendship”

Philosophers and Saints

Taken from an article that appeared in the Serbian Patriarchal newspaper Pravoslavlje (no. 1110), Western Philosophy and Eastern Philosophy…: “Until recent times the dominating thought in Europe has been that ancient Greece is the cradle of philosophy. When it came to a more serious and studious investigation of culture’s orientation, in the mid 19th centuryContinue reading “Philosophers and Saints”