Now Hiring: Exorcist Priests

H/T: FoxNews (here)

Madrid’s Catholic Church says it only has 1 exorcist priest and needs more

The Catholic archdiocese in Madrid says it needs more exorcists to help some of its faithful cope with the devil.

An archdiocese spokeswoman said Friday that Madrid only has one exorcist priest and that it is considering a plan to train more. She spoke on condition of anonymity in keeping with archdiocese policy.

“The devil exists. That’s a fact,” she told The Associated Press.

Only a priest authorized by a bishop can perform an exorcism and the brief rite involves blessings with holy water, prayers and an interrogation of the devil by the exorcist during which the demon is asked to leave the victim.

ReligionenLibertad, a Catholic website, blames the growing secularization of Spanish society for what it calls an increase in people asking for help with their demons.


2 thoughts on “Now Hiring: Exorcist Priests

  1. My first reaction is to recommond to people who have a problem with the devil is to first read Revelation 18, the Fall of Babylon, then read Unseen Warfare, then Dorotheous of Gaza: Discourses and Sayings. Going to church and saying the Jesus Prayer should solve their problem.

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