Christ is Risen!

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From the Patriarchal Paschal Encyclical, 2013:

Христос Васкрсе!

“…From the moment he comes into being, a person for his entire life longs for peace, happiness and success in life. He likes to be recognized and well known, to do works that will outlive him, to leave behind a name for himself. And even the simplest of people, not only the gifted, the geniuses and those of worldly stature, enjoy it when someone praises something of theirs or admires their actions. Oftentimes in life, though, we do not succeed, we are not happy, nor do we know how to use God’s gift for good. There are many more of those who leave behind themselves more days filled with pain and unrest, than of those with many days of happiness and peace.

Is this because evil is stronger than us, or because we do not know how to live? What are we missing in order that we too might become happy? The answer for Christians is well known: in the first place, it is that we learn how to truly love, and in the second, to learn to forgive more. Never can a person reach such true heights as when he loves and gives of himself out of love. Likewise, he ascends to heights when he forgives and when in forgiving he does not turn to insults. Never does a person look so much like God as when he prays to God for forgiveness and asks his brother for forgiveness. Love and forgiveness offer us unlimited joy. A person is greatest when he understands that every bad word he utters to someone else returns to him and hurts him. We cannot bring evil to someone else without first hurting ourselves. Everything we endure and then reconcile with forgiveness gives us the strength to be victorious, whatever evil it might be. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God – said our Savior (Matthew 5:9); and peacemakers are all people of big heart who love and who forgive….”

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4 thoughts on “Christ is Risen!

  1. Man becomes a better person — and a happier person as well — when he asks God for forgiveness for his sins.

    Also, it would behoove man to say only nice things about his fellow man. By insulting another person, a man only shows his lack of self-esteem and insults himself even more so.

    As a wise person once said, “You cannot throw mud on somebody without getting some on yourself.” Indeed, these are wise words that we must always keep in mind!

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