In memoriam….

parastos_sundayI had every intention of posting much, much more during Lent. I’m always reading something but it’s during the Fast that I make every effort on catching up on my spiritual reading, all those books that, somehow or other, I don’t get around to reading during the year.  I was hoping to fill these pixely pages with a whole bunch of excerpts from the interesting things I’d read.  (Show you how smart I am.)

Granted, things were going good at first. Then, early on, I was asked by a priest to do a 200+ page translation of a book about Metropolitan Iriney of blessed repose (Mitropolit Iriney – Rade Neimar Slobodnog Srpstva). Thus, all my free time is spent translating.

But one thing which occurs each year during Lent is the anniversary of my father’s passing. This past Sunday marked eleven years since that date. He passed away on a Sunday. Then – like now – it was the Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt. It’s funny how things happen. Who is St. Mary and why is there a connection between her – and I’ll go as far as to say, her life and her repentance –  and me? If she was a great sinner I’ll admit I’m surely no Saint. Each and every liturgy I live the words of the Prayer of the Cherubic Hymn: “No one who is bound with the desires and pleasures of the flesh is worthy to approach or to draw nigh or to serve thee…”.

Later, as we ate our lunch we watched the flame from the cemetery candle flicker and burn in the middle of the table. It was more than symbolic; it was animated. Alive. Moving. Another year, another anniversary, marked by prayer, a common meal, family that knew him and the little ones that only know his name. For them there is the candle. They’re too little to know what it symbolizes so they watch it move and burn.  Little do they know that it’ll burn forever for it symbolizes Him who is forever. May we all abide in Him  for ever and ever and unto the ages of ages. For this we pray and to this we say: Amen.

Вечнаја памјат! Memory eternal!

4 thoughts on “In memoriam….

  1. Memory Eternal! Deda Zdravko: you will always be remembered with love and gratitude by your children, grandchildren and prijatelji! Нека ти је вјечна слава!

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