Christian Group Asks for Apology

National Christian Group Launches Video Response To Controversial Saturday Night Live Skit

Asks NBC For Apology

Saturday Night Live went too far when it portrayed Jesus as a blood thirsty murderer.  So says a national Christian group that’s so upset by what they saw that they have asked NBC for an apology and have launched a video taking the network to task.

“The Orthodox Christian Network is outraged by the DJesus Uncrossed Skit that was aired recently on Saturday Night Live”, said Father Christopher Metropulos, head of the Orthodox Christian Network (  “While we realize that Saturday Night Live is a comedy show, we strongly believe that NBC has seriously crossed the line with material that is grossly offensive to Christians.”

According to Father Metropulos, “the skit was shockingly indecent and demonstrated a blatant disregard to the feelings of millions of Christians who would most obviously be sickened by the sacrilegious content of the material. This is especially difficult for Christians worldwide to witness as we prepare for the Resurrection of our Lord and Easter. Never have I seen such reckless irresponsibility from a national television network.”

JCPenny and Sears have already pulled their ads from Saturday Night Live in reaction to the controversy. The response video can be viewed at the following link: For further information call Father Christopher Metropulos at (561) 251-0067.


4 thoughts on “Christian Group Asks for Apology

  1. Bravo George mou!

    I guess SNL is just trying to stay relevant, and Christians are unfortunately the easy target. You can’t make fun of Jews because you’ll be labelled an anti-semite; and we all know what happens if you make fun of Muhammed. At any rate, shame on SNL.

  2. For NBC’s Saturday Night Live to portray Jesus as a blood-thirsty murderer crosses the line of professionalism, and even goes so far as to drop the NBC network in a sewer status.

    NBC should know better than to defame Jesus, but obviously doesn’t care — probably because NBC and Saturday Night Live are controlled by Jews who couldn’t care less about Jesus or Christianity.

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