Are you human?


“But what is then our hope? This parable speaks of it so clearly, in a word that may be summed up as, “If you have been human – then you are of the Kingdom. If you have not been human – you are not”. It is not questions of faith which Christ is asking; He is asking whether there was compassion in our hearts, whether we could see suffering around us and respond – or not. And if we have responded, we are His own.”

Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh
homily on Meatfare Sunday (here)


2 thoughts on “Are you human?

  1. Unlike animals, human beings possess a trait called empathy, by which they put themselves in someone else’s shoes — usually someone who has less than they have — and this empathy allows human beings to understand the need(s) that someone else may have, and to assist that individual.

    This assistance can be in the form of money, time, moral support, or friendship. In any event, a human being helping another human being who is less fortunate and in need of assistance is an attribute that Jesus cherishes.

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