Fun facts about Serbs

Did you know

(borrowed from an online forum) –
1. During the 3rd and 4th century 18 Roman emperors were born on the territory of modern day Serbia. That’s a fifth of all the rulers of the Roman empire.
2. The patriarch of Constantinople was once a Serb. He was appointed by Mehmed II upon the request of his mother Mara Brankovic.
3. Vampire is the only Serbian word which was accepted worldwide.
4. Serbs lived in the land of the pharaohs.
5. The Serbian clock making industry is older than the Swiss. Serbs had their own clock 600 years earlier.
6.  Sava Vladislavljevic, a Serb, was considered to be the most notable figure of the Russia of his time. He made the border between Russia and China.
7. The most famous female Saint in the Balkans was Serbian. St. Petka.
8. One of the four official languages in the Ottoman empire was Serbian.
9. Only Serbia and Belgium took part in forming the new Europe, apart from the great powers.
10.  In Serbia there is a religious building that was turned into a mosque 10 times. (The old cathedral church in downtown Cacak.)
11. The first satellite video transmission between Europe and North America in 1963 was a picture of the Serbian fresco of the White Angel from Monastery Milesevo.
12. Statistically, Serbs are the most hospitable people in the world.

6 thoughts on “Fun facts about Serbs

  1. Indeed, we tend to feed and accomodate our guests, babysit them and completely dedicate ourselves to them. For some folks that can even get annoying. But, hey, a Serbian peasant took care of Robert de Niro when he was passing trough Serbia. 🙂

  2. Ларисса > I don’t know. That’s how it was written in the original, in Serbian. Serbs are very hospitable, we welcome you in, feed and feed and feed you. But then again, we’re not the only ones who will do that.

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