In Memoriam: Fr. Jacob Myers


I just learned of the sudden passing of Fr. Jacob Myers. I was a priest in Atlanta when I met Fr. Jacob. I remember getting a call from him soon after I arrived.  He called for something or other and we got to chatting, which is what he was like. He liked to talk. He was friendly.  Though he truly did seem like a very nice priest I later learned from the other clergy that he was part of a non-canonical group, the Holy Order of MANS.  But we were to meet again. A few years afterward, that group was formally received to canonical Orthodoxy: a group of them were received into the Serbian Church, a group into OCA and others to the Bulgarian Church. Fr. Jacob’s church in Atlanta fell under the jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church in America.

Quickly he became an active member of our newly formed Clergy Brotherhood. He loved photography and was very good at it. He came to the blessing of our new chapel in Lilburn and took a bunch of fantastic shots. But more than photography, feeding the poor was his real mission. His parish is pretty much in the ghetto, in South Atlanta but his doors were always open. For everyone. He fed the homeless, they were always around the church. Fr. Stephen Freeman posted an anecdote on his blog today about Fr. Jacob which I’d like to share. He writes:  “I gave Fr. Jacob a ride to the airport in Dallas, TX, once. He saw a man begging by the side of the road. I stopped at a stoplight and Fr. Jacob insisted that I roll down my car window. He called the beggar over and handed him money through the window. “Pray for the priest Jacob who is traveling!” he called out.”

I can’t help but think of all the thousands and thousands of homeless he fed that are now feeding him with their prayers.

May his memory be eternal!

2 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Fr. Jacob Myers

  1. yes, Fr Jacob was a very pious and good priest. he will be missed by his flock in atlanta, and all he touched. his parish is where i have gone for Pascha the past 10 years.

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