Second Chances

So much for New Year’s resolutions. Actually, I didn’t make any. Even if I did I doubt posting more on my blog would make the cut. Not enough time in the day to worry about such things. But inactivity is unappealing wherever it might show up. And seeing the sparse postings I’ve been having recently has only motivated me to at least try to dedicate just a little more time here.

There are always second chances. Even with resolutions. Especially when you take into consideration that according to the old calendar the New Year has just arrived today. (Happy New Year’s, by the way.) A good quote, in the same vein – sort of, from Fr. Ted’s blog (here):

“Even if you are not what you should be, you should not despair. It is bad enough that you have sinned; why in addition do you wrong God by regarding Him in your ignorance as powerless? Is He, who for your sake created the great universe that you behold, incapable of saving your soul? And if you say that this fact, as well as His incarnation, only makes your condemnation worse, then repent; and He will receive your repentance, as He accepted that of the prodigal son ( cf.Luke 15:20)  and the prostitute (cf. Luke 7:37-50). But if repentance is too much for you, and you sin out of habit even when you do not want to, show humility like the publican ( cf. Luke 18:13): that is enough to ensure your salvation. For he who sins without repenting, yet does not despair, must out of necessity regard himself as the lowest of creatures, and will not dare to judge or censure anyone. Rather, he will marvel at God’s compassion, and will be full of gratitude towards his Benefactor, and so may receive many other blessings as well.” (St. Peter of Damaskos in The Philokalia – The Complete Text, Volume Three, pg. 160)

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