Real Face of the Hague

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Hague Tribunal showed it real face, patriarch says

BELGRADE — Serbian Patriarch Irinej said on Sunday that the Hague Tribunal had finally showed its true face by acquitting Croat Generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markač

He added that the Tribunal also proved that it was a political court.

“With this verdict the Tribunal removed a mask from its face and finally showed that this is a political court that lacks basic legal and ethical norms and whose goals is to find those who are guilty innocent and innocent victims declare perpetrators,” the patriarch said at a memorial service to Serb victims of the 90s wars on Sunday.

According to him, the Hague Tribunal’s decision compromised the right to justice and confirmed “that it is not founded on legal norms but on interests of great powers”.

He added that thanks to the Hague Tribunal nobody was held responsible for 200,000 expelled Serbs, torched homes of Serbs, their churches and thousands of killed.

“It is obvious that the Hague Tribunal is covering up the crimes against the Serbs,” Irinej stressed, adding that “it turns out that Serbs committed crimes against themselves”.

“We ask the unjust judges, whose fault is it then,” the patriarch said.

He called on the Serbs to remain united and ask for Russia’s support.

The patriarch noted that Serbia should join the EU if the member states “accept us for who we are, with our holy land, culture, religion and language” but “if they condition us with Kosovo, we should not accept the invitation”.

“We have to know who our friends are. We want to be in Europe but not at a price of renouncing our holy land, our homes and cemeteries. If they do not want us the way we are, we will continue to live our difficult lives, just like we did 500 years ago,” Irinej added.

“The message from this holy gathering should be our determination to cooperate with everybody, especially with our Slavic brothers from whom we expect support, protection and hope,” he stressed.

Members of refugee associations, PM Ivica Dačić, First Deputy PM Aleksandar Vučić, parliament Speaker Nebojša Stefanović and ministers attended the memorial service.

After the memorial service, a protest march was held. Several thousands of citizens took part in it, demanding justice for Serb victims.


5 thoughts on “Real Face of the Hague

  1. @Michael,

    With regard to point 6 in your comment, I have thought the same for a long time. A Serb who lived in a nearby town and who recently fell asleep in the Lord spent years writing materials exhorting his countrymen to go back to living the Orthodox faith. Eventually he just got tired from lack of results and gave it up,.

    I don’t know much Serbian so I blog in English. At least I can reach some English-speaking Serbs in the diaspora.

    Please see this article:

    Abortion and the Pro-Life Movement in Serbia

  2. Several comments:

    1. It has been obvious for a long time that the Hague was a political kangaroo court. Justice was never the agenda there from the beginning. A number of honest judges and lawyers have quit in disgust down through the years.

    2. After Tito’s death, all the peoples of Yugoslavia were duped and whipped up into hysteria by the various factional leaders. Tudjman and Milosevic were simply ex-Communist leaders who changed their allegiances overnight, just to that they could maintain power and not have to get honest jobs. That “great Muslim leader” Izetbegovic was an ex-Nazi (Waffen SS Handar division). How he survived Tito is anyone’s guess. All these people were manipulators and psychopaths.

    3. None of the peoples of the ex-Yugoslavia are better off as a result of the wars. In all the countries involved, nationalism is used as a distraction by politicians, to keep their populations off-balance and not focused on their real problems. For example, there are at least 300,000 unemployed young people in Croatia today. What will these people eat – national flags?

    4. Arguing over “who was the bigger villain” is useless and a waste of time. With psychopaths in charge of all sides, all sides committed atrocities.

    5. The only hope for any level of peace or prosperity in that part of the world, will have to come from the spiritual regeneration of the people, and honest self-examination on the part of the citizens of each of the countries. In the case of Serbs, it will involve admitting to themselves that they were gullible “marks” who allowed themselves to be duped by an imposter (Milosevic), and led, like lemmings, into an unnecessary, self-destructive war. The same can be said of Croatia and Bosnia. There was no need for this war, at all. Yes – I know. Admitting that you were duped by a con-man is humiliating. Swallow the bitter pill. It is the only hope.

    6. If Serbia wants to regenerate itself, it needs to do the following. First, forget about joining the E.U. The E.U. is an anti-Christian, Menshevik Communist enterprise, which is currently in the process of breaking apart anyway. Second, get serious about Christian faith and living. Stop aborting the equivalent of one large Serbian town every year, and actually start taking Holy Communion on a regular basis. If Serbs will do that, they will gain the moral strength to turn their back on the E.U., rebuild their country, and create a happy, stable society. Patriotic songs and protest rallies will not accomplish these things. Only Christian living will.

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