In This Sign Conquer

H/T: Serbian Patriarchate (here)

Commemoration of the Wondrous Appearance of the Honorable Cross to St. Constantine

The prayerful commemoration of the 1700th anniversary of Christianity began on October 28, 2012 at the cathedral church in Nis with the Holy Hierarchical Divine Liturgy officiated by His Grace Bishop Jovan of Nis and with the con-celebration of thirty priests and three deacons.

Commemorated on this solemn occasion was seventeen centuries since the wondrous event of the appearance of the Honorable Cross to St. Constantine with the words In This Sign Conquer. Since then Christ’s Eccumene has been in the sign of the Cross with which Emperor Constantine had become victorious.

As we all pray and cry out that we are protected and led by the Honorable Cross through life, the Diocese of Nis, headed by the bishop has established today’s day as the prayerful remembrance of that event. The appearance of the Honorable Cross to St. Constantine is a prelude to the Edict which brought freedom to the up to then suffering Church of Christ.

3 thoughts on “In This Sign Conquer

  1. I don’t understand this unholy emperor being proclaimed a saint. He was a man of violence and war like King David but there is no evidence of holiness recorded. Where are his psalms and holy writings?
    Just because he liberated the church from oppression and gave them wealth doesn’t mean anything. He wasn’t even Baptised until he neared death which means he never received the Holy Mysteries until then.
    It makes no sense to me. Sorry. Just because the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox proclaim him so, I just do buy it.

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