A Small, Wooden Cross

On what kind of Cross we should wear. (I think. I couldn’t find exactly the question that was posed but the following is an answer given by a very close friend, Fr. Dragan):

“When the Resurrected Christ settles in our hearts we are then adorned by the most luminous and most golden Cross, which is the victory over death – with the Kingdom of Heaven.  At Holy Baptism we put on Christ which means that we are buried and we resurrect with Him. Afterwards, we are chrismated with the Holy Chrism. Behold, from the very beginning we are with the Cross, in the Cross and on the Cross which means that we have been prepared to be with Christ and in Christ. To be with Christ means that we were brought into the Church cross-wise, which was built on the Cross sacrifice and the Resurrection of Christ. If Christ is in us then His Cross is in us as well and not some rich, ornate one but a regular wooden one which goes unnoticed – but everyone recognizes it; which is not seen, but all take note of it.

Let us bear on our  chests the smaller, wooden cross,so that in our hearts the golden Cross of Christ might enter.”

Fr. Dragan Lj. Zaric


2 thoughts on “A Small, Wooden Cross

  1. We should wear a cross to remind us of Christ’s sacrifice of His life on the cross, in order to save mankind.

    The cross we wear should be simple — not ornate or overbearing — in order to more effectively convey Christ’s simple life and the suffering He endured while He lived on earth.

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