North American Hierarchs

This past week hierarchs from all Orthodox jurisdictions met in Chicago for, I believe, their third joint meeting so far as the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops. There were forty three in all. They met for three days and certainly the highlight of the gathering was on Tuesday, September 11th, the feast day of theContinue reading “North American Hierarchs”

My body a church, blood a river and my hair trees

H/T: Mystagogy (here) What Scientists Have Said About the Miraculous Chapel of St. Theodora in Vasta By John Sanidopoulos What we know of the life of St. Theodora of Vasta comes entirely from local tradition, but her little chapel in southern Greece is known throughout the world and visited by thousands every year. The ChapelContinue reading “My body a church, blood a river and my hair trees”

A glass of water

H/T: Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate, interview with Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) here How does Your Eminence see perspectives that lay ahead of the Orthodox Church given great challenges of increasingly changing world? Can the world see the Orthodox Church as THE Church, not only as a mere ethnic experience of the Faith? Which challenge of modernity shouldContinue reading “A glass of water”