The last days of summer

It’s been a long and hot summer; and muggy and little rainy and wet. And yes, fun too. Can summer ever be unfun? Granted, around here we tend to put the little ones to work during the summer months. I can sneak off somewhere while the older ones got my back with the baby. It was an agreement we had on many a careless day (though, I admit, I can’t remember them actually agreeing to it).

And while the days are still very hot in the afternoon sun, summer, in its true sense, is no longer here. For, in all honesty, summer is no longer summer when the sounds of a school bus parking itself outside our door can be heard in the early morning hours. For that matter, it’s no longer summer when there’s anything in the early morning.  School is here and summer, though technically speaking is still with us, is rapidly becoming just a memory.

The kids are off. They’re excited. They can’t wait to see friends they haven’t seen all summer. Me, the baby and little Jovana, on the other hand, I’m sure we’ll find something to do in this empty house. Maybe we’ll watch cartoons or go outside or go to the park.  There’s plenty to do. I’m sure we’ll peak out the window once or twice during the day as well.

Can’t be long until that bus comes back.


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