Redeemed time

Bishop Joanikije of Budim-Niksic said the following at a recent ten year celebration of the renovation of the ancient Diocese of Budim and Niksic:

“The time of jubilee in the Church is consecrated, sacred time. Though it’s past, that time is not lost, rather it is redeemed time.  In the Church of God, which fosters remembrance through Christ in it’s deepest form, there is no lost time, but through the intercession of the Church, the intercession of Her holy services, time reaches eternity and is infused into eternity. Infused into eternity is that which is redeemed, that which has been consecrated and saved. When we look back, through the movements of our church history, we see that that time, which has passed, is lit by the holy images and good deeds of the faithful, the clergy, the people of God, those who make efforts towards the glory of God. Behold, we enter a year of great jubilee for Djurdjevi Stupovi and already now we begin the celebration of the eight hundred anniversary of this ancient Nemanjic holy site, an episcopal see of St. Sava. The best preparation for this is this ten year anniversary of the renovation of this Diocese. This little jubilee, which in a way is close to us, for we have participated in it, we are its laborers; it allows us to enter in a boundless time from St. Sava to this day, in the great jubilee of Djurdjevi Stupovi – eight hundred years of its existence, witness, cross bearing, suffering and glorifying Christ, through all the ages.”


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