“We are with you”

Serbian rapper, producer, song writer and the creator of The Maison Filipi clothing line Filip Filipi deserves some recognition on these pixely pages.  In mid 2010 he launched  28. Jun, a social and philanthropic organization for Serbs in the diaspora. The organization is named in honor of the Battle of Kosovo in 1389 and Vidovdan.  It shot to fame in June 2011 when American TV host Chelsea Handler publicly disrespected the Serbian people on her late night show Chelsea Lately.  (Admittedly, I remember that incident but I can’t say that I remember the rise to fame of this organization.)  Whatever the case, as a result the organization received a huge American following in the media with a lot of people calling for a boycott of her TV show and sponsors until she apologizes.

In October 2011, Filipi and 28. Jun released a song titled “Kosovka” to raise funds and awareness for Serbs in Kosovo. At the same time 28. Jun vice president Marko S designed a poster based on the famous “Kosovka Devojka” painting and a worldwide poster campaign was launched, by March 2012, the posters had reached 80 cities in 30 countries. The posters had a simple message for Serbs in Kosovo “Ми смо са вама ( We are with you). In total over 1.5 Million dollars was raised and used to provide medical supplies to the medical centre in Gračanica, Kosovo. The supplies were used to help the 75,000 Kosovo Serbs living south of the Ibar River.

The information above, for the most part, I received from Wikipedia. To be honest, I think I’ve received emails from this organization but with all the different groups and organizations one can’t really tell which one is legitimate. It was only this evening that I received an email from a girl, a junior in high school, from church camp who wanted to share this information with me. I thank her for doing do so. Filip is a very talented twenty-six year old who has decided to use his talents for a greater good, for which I think he should be applauded.

You know, often times in our churches we call upon the youth. We need the youth, we’d like them to become  more active, etc.  Youth, however, doesn’t always mean something new or progressive.  There are so many young people who are very conservative in their thinking and responsible in their actions. Just a few days ago I posted about the youth in Warsaw protesting Madonna’s show for instance.

Do me a favor and look into this organization.

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