No Serbs allowed

H/T: B92 (here)

Montenegrin restaurant refuses to serve Serbs

The woman, Veselinka Rajković, a resident of Podgorica, was visiting the monastery of Prevlaka with a Serb Orthodox nun – the children’s religion teacher.

Rajković told the daily Vijesti that on the way back they decided to stop for a meal in the village of Njeguši, at the “ethno village” restaurant Kadmi.

But the establishment’s owner Milo Kadija approached their table and told them they would not be served.

“At first we thought he was joking. However, he asked the nun whether she worked for the Serb Church, to which she replied affirmatively. After that Kadija told us there was no food for us in the restaurant, because everything there was Montenegrin,” Rajković recounted the incident.

After that, he asked them to leave the restaurant.

When contacted by the newspaper, Kadija confirmed that he threw out a nun and a mother with her five children. He said he did this because he was “a Montenegrin nationalist”, and added that “Serbs cannot eat in his restaurant”, writes Vijesti.

“Write that I’m a Montenegrin nationalist and that Serbs cannot eat here,” he told the daily’s reporter, and then proceeded to “utter a series of insults aimed at SPC priests”.


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