Moments of stress….

Just read a fine commentary on Second Terrace by Fr. Jonathan Tobias (as always) on the meaning of community. How things can go wrong, people get offended, are angered, and so on, and so on.  Actually, the piece is geared more towards clergy and our interaction with one another. The words which particularly caught my attention, referring to our situations, parish drama and moments of stress in general and comparing it to the Titanic: “In a way, friends, the Titanic is always going down, but it never sinks completely. There are always lifeboats but they must be found.”  In life it seems that we’re always searching for these lifeboats. They can, at times, be hard to find, but they’re there. Waiting for us. We find them then go on until life’s next challenge.

Take a few minutes and read the full commentary here.

While I’m on the topic I might as well plug another fellow clergy blogger. Fr. Jonathan mentions an “Orthodox crisis” which reminded me of a series of blogs on Red River Orthodox exploring the insignificance of Orthodoxy for American religion. There are three posts: here, here, and here

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