New and Old Calendar Saints meet

A priest who piously and regularly serves every single morning and evening made an interesting observation this morning. We’re at our children’s camp and his annual visits and priestly duties here don’t interrupt his daily prayer routine. So this morning, before we had morning prayers with the children, he noted how it’s interesting that on this day when the New Calendar celebrates St. Elijah the Prophet we celebrate on the Old Calendar St. Thomas of Mount Malem. At the Matins service this morning we sang, “O venerable father, thou didst have Elijah the Tishbite piously directing thee to the desert…” (Ode V).

Personally, I found it interesting when he noted that he’s noticed this appearance, this meeting of New Calendar Saints in the Old Calendar  commemoration on different occasions throughout the year.

A happy feast goes to both today.


2 thoughts on “New and Old Calendar Saints meet

  1. Happy feast days indeed! I love interesting Godwinks like the one you and Fr. R. discovered this morning! Thank you for sharing!

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