I am God

From a recent interview with Morgan Freeman on Fox411 here:

Fox411: Ok then, let’s move on. Tell me about your series ‘Through the Wormhole.’

MF: It’s a science series. It’s a series that asks a lot of heavy questions about the universe, the solar system. For instance is there a God, if there is did we invent him?

Fox411: Do you think there is a God?

MF: Do I think there’s a God? Um (pause) yeah.

Fox411: You paused.

MF: I paused because I am God.

Fox411: Because every man is created in God’s image.

MF: Yes or God’s created in my image.


5 thoughts on “I am God

  1. Even funnier is Morgan Freeman telling NPR America is still waiting for her first black president…

  2. Just another example of asking the available guy the wrong question? Most of us are airheads. Some play roles that aren’t… and so we think they’re exceptional. Their error is in allowing us to do so…. but then that’s how they make their living. But then…. er… hmmmm.

  3. Yeah, at first I wondered if he was saying that ironically, as a reference to his movie roles and his public image. But no, that second statement sounds like he’s serious.

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