Christian Churches Ransacked

A photograph provided to us by a Christian woman in Homs, scene of some of the bloodiest clashes of the conflict, shows a member of the Free Syrian Army posing with a looted Catholic cross in one hand and a gun in the other while wearing a priest’s robe.

“Everyone knows simply removing these garments from the church is a sin. The priest is the only one who wears them too. They even pray before putting them on. Him posing in front of the funeral car as well is disgusting to the max,” our source told us.

“They destroyed the church and went in to film it. I know this for a fact.”

“The Robes can only be worn by Deacons or Priests or Sub-Deacons, and they a Christian man wouldn’t hold a Cross in one hand and a gun in another,” the woman adds

Another image shows a ransacked church in Bustan al-Diwan (Old Homs).

Continue for full story, more pics and video footage here

5 thoughts on “Christian Churches Ransacked

  1. Reblogged this on sojourner and pilgrim and commented:
    Where is the wobbly army of tolerance when Christians are being persecuted and their belongings ransacked? It seems we must accept and be tolerant of everything except Christianity. Unbelievable!

  2. We can expect Syria to continue with its state of terror as long as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad remains in office. He is already responsible for the deaths of several thousand innocent Syrians who sought his removal as dictator of Syria. Frankly, I am very surprised that NATO and the United States have not yet used massive air strikes against Assad’s forces and his property, as they did in Libya, to quicken his overthrow and thus reduce the plethora of his killings.

    As was the case in Libya — where Col. Muammar Gaddafi was shot in the head by protesters to end the violence there — it would not surprise me one iota if Assad is shot in the head by protesters to end the violence in Syria.

    The overthrow of Assad, then, is the only way we can expect the violence and killings in Syria to stop.

  3. The Syria Christians are backing the Syrian government because they are fearful of experiencing persecution if the current government is replaced. In Iraq over one million Iraqi Christians had to flee for their lives from Muslin persecutors after the Hessian government was thrown out by military force. This persecution was simply ignored by the occupation military force; I don’t know what programs the current Iraqi government has in place to encourage Iraqi Christians to return home.
    From the evidence, it appears that the Syria Christians fears of persecution from Syrian Muslins are not unfounded. Thus the reason why they support the current government

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