Tattoos and More Tattoos

Seems like a strange choice for a tattoo. (The photo above is courtesy of Yahoo, see here for more strange ones.) Then again they’re all strange, the whole ever-growing tattoo/piercings subculture. Not many people seem to  express their  alarm and surprise at seeing them. Sadly, it’s become all too normal in society. That’s why I was a bit surprised seeing David Lettermen say something to Justin Bieber about it:


2 thoughts on “Tattoos and More Tattoos

  1. Father, having a seedy past and nearly covered in tatoos I can vouch that as the Lord led me to His holy church I came to regret them. I have come to the conclusion that it is vanity to think about and focus so much time and energy on the flesh. Tatoos are a physical manifestation of man remaking himself in his own image, ungodly, unholy and unnatural. It took me a long time to come to this and though I have wanted to remove them, that too would be focusing on the flesh. May our Lord teach others as He taught me. This lesson is not one that any man can teach another, but only God Himself can teach. Pray for us who fall into this trap. May His image shine through those who have desecrated His temple that He may restore it to Glory.

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