Confession and Communion

The connection between confession  and communion has up till now been considered mostly from one side. Regarding confession and communion it has been discussed strictly on the level whether confession is – or not – a precondition for liturgical communion. But things can be viewed in a different way. Is confession sufficient in and of itself or is participation in the Liturgy,  of which communion is the climatic end and fulfillment of confession and repentance. The crown of repentance, appeasement and unification with the Church are not the words of the prayer of the Holy Mystery of confession but communion from the table of life of the Heavenly Father. In regards to this  St. Nicholas Cabasilas spoke so strikingly: “After all, one of the priestly mysteries is to free those who repent for their sins and confess before priests, of the judgement that the Judge has ordained; but even that has no effect inasmuch as they do not eat of the Holy Supper.”

Translated from Pravoslavlje, Newspaper of the Serbian Patriarchate, “Public – canonical repentance” V. Rev. Stavrophor Vladimir Vukasinovic


3 thoughts on “Confession and Communion

  1. I’m reminded of the movie Ostrov when the hermit heals the child who is then able to walk. The mother takes the child home instead of heeding the monk, who consults her to get him to divine liturgy to receive the Mysteries. (A contemporary example)

  2. Confession — at least in a formal sense — should not be considered a precondition for liturgical communion.

    All things being equal, it is better to have had confession than not to have had it before communion.

    Nonetheless, communion must still be allowed to occur, even without confession.

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