The Karate Priest

September 2005

Siberian orthodox priest teaches karate to paratrooper and schoolchildren

Ishim, September 24, Interfax – Father Petr Lysenko, an Orthodox priest and rector of the Church of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God, teaches karate at the local airborne unit and the local children’s sports school in Ishim near Tymen (Siberia).

`What I am doing is a martial art with an age-long tradition. I teach the Oriental martial art, but put Orthodoxy in the basis of my teaching’, Father Petr said in an interview published in Trud daily on Saturday.

His lessons differ from the traditional Eastern school in that during coaching he does not concentrates his energy but rather reads an Orthodox prayer asking God for strength. He teaches his charges to do the same.

Father Petr believes his lessons in the army unit and at the children’s sport school to be very important because today’s youth, in his  view, have grown feeble.

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