Thine Own of Thine Own

The Venerable Fr. Justin Popovic solved the question of who is the one that should raise the Gifts when the  priest exclaims Thine own of Thine own…

“He writes that the liturgist – the priest (and not the deacon!) lifts the Gifts…. In this manner it is clearly shown that the liturgical function of the deacon does not include a direct, immediate offering to God but only a transfer = offering of the gifts from the people to the higher clergy.

In his translation of the liturgy Fr. Justin places the Tropar of the Third Hour in parenthesis, making it a liturgical option. He writes in detail…:

‘Certain texts which have entered the Liturgy in newer times, and not to all Orthodox (such as: the litany for the deceased after the litany of fervent supplication and the tropar of the Third Hour during the Canon of the Eucharist) are placed here in brackets, for it is not up to us at this time to exclude them nor to skip over them not mentioning their newer addition to the Liturgy. This pertains especially to the Tropar of the Third Hour during the Canon of the Eucharist which in the last few centuries many Orthodox hierarchs, liturgists and theologians have noted on many occasions that it should be completely taken out or at least moved to before the prayer of epiklesis – invocation which we have done here (…) In this way it does not break the continuity of the Liturgy or the logic of the Anaphora text as much. (…) We consider it unnecessary to prove here the absence of this tropar from older Service Book manuscripts (prior to the 16th century), in both Greek and Serbian, as well as all contemporary Greek Service Books.”



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