Clergy Pensions

H/T: Theology and Society (here)

New Clerical Pensions Law Is Passed in Serbia; Clerical Monthly Pensions to Be About 190 Euro

Some 1,700 Orthodox and 300 Roman Catholic priests — as well as Muslim imams and Protestant pastors — will start getting their pensions paid from the state budget from the Fund for pension and disability insurance (PIO Fund), according to the Balkan Insight website.

This comes after a government law on payments for pension, disability, and health insurance of priests and religious officials came into force on May 14, 2012.

Under the new legislation, the government of Serbia will pay 19,498 dinars (about 180 euro) per priest per month to the PIO Fund for the pensions.

This means that the average clerical monthly pension will be around 20,000 dinars (about 190 euro). The average salary in Serbia stands at 350 euro.


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