Difference Between Modern Man and the Samaritan Woman

H/T: Homily delivered by Fr. Sergei. Read full sermon (here)

“What is the difference between modern people and the ancient Samaritan woman?  The difference is, perhaps, that she had had five husbands and the one with whom she lived was not her husband, but in modern society, people often have one husband or wife and live with five others without marriage.  In all the rest we are still the same: we continue to thirst, continue to seek what to fill our lives with, continue to get drunk on the temporal, that which passes by, that which does not quench our thirst for the eternal, the heavenly. We continue to crawl, forgetting that the Saviour gave us wings.  We measure a person by his or her achievements at work, by diplomas, by hobbies, or, like Tolstoy, how many apple trees he or she planted, forgetting that we must raise only one seed, the one that was planted by God.  We strive to fill our bellies rather than our hearts.  Even from Christ we expect health, money, luck, and often complain that He has neither a bucket nor a ladle.  But where and how to worship God is not even important to us—in modern society such questions are not accepted, let us not ask them, they are not polite—everything is spiritual in its own way, and what is truth?”


2 thoughts on “Difference Between Modern Man and the Samaritan Woman

  1. Today, man has become too materialistic, concerned for the most part with attaining wealth, status, and power.

    Unfortunately, worshiping God and thanking Him for everything we have is not a priority of man today.

    This kind of a lifestyle will inevitably lead to the decline and fall of the United States, just as it did in Rome.

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