Church Evolution

“In the beginning the church was a fellowship of men and women centering on the living Christ. Then the church moved to Greece where it became a philosophy. Then it moved to Rome where it became an institution. Next, it moved to Europe, where it became a culture. And, finally, it moved to America where it became an enterprise.”

–Richard Halverson

6 thoughts on “Church Evolution

  1. Yes, I also affirm what my good friend George says in the previous comment. Whatever people pretend or say of Christianity, or whatever other things they call ‘Christianity’, the Church is what it has always been and will always be. Sadly, though the faith of Christ and the holy Apostles is alive and well in Orthodoxy, people continue to snub the Truth and chase after whatever tickles their ears. Mr Halverson’s glib saying only betrays an ignorance, no matter how clever, that continues to keep people away from Christ as He is, risen and living in our midst. No, Christianity coming to the Greeks did not become a ‘philosophy’. In fact, it put to death all merely human philosophy, and opened to the world the possibility of life with the Holy Trinity, the fellowship of Théosis.

  2. …And then it came to Richard Halverson where it became a simplistic sound bite.

  3. Apparently Mr. Halverson has driven by St. Nicholas Omaha during Bingo, lol. Somebody needs to go in there with a whip.

  4. The Christian Church has been from its beginning — and will continue to be ad infinitum — a fellowship of men and women who promote the teachings and the moral and spiritual values of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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