The Karate Priest

September 2005 Siberian orthodox priest teaches karate to paratrooper and schoolchildren Ishim, September 24, Interfax – Father Petr Lysenko, an Orthodox priest and rector of the Church of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God, teaches karate at the local airborne unit and the local children’s sports school in Ishim near Tymen (Siberia). `WhatContinue reading “The Karate Priest”

The Ecumenical Councils

H/T: Fr. Ted’s Blog (here) “The first truly ‘ecumenical’ action was the Council in Nicea, in 325, the First Ecumenical Council. Councils were already in the tradition of the Church. But Nicea was the first Council of the whole Church, and it became the pattern on which all subsequent Ecumenical Councils were held. For theContinue reading “The Ecumenical Councils”