A Black Stone Block

“Examples of the “new spirituality” can already be found in organs of the coming unified world government, such as the United Nations. “But in order to supply people with a ‘spiritual’ basis for one world government, there has to be something higher: and in the ideas of the United Nations, for example, we see something that looks like a spiritual answer,” taught Father Seraphim Rose. “The UN claims to be for the foundation of one world government which will not be a tyranny, not based upon any particular idea like Communism, but on something very vague with no Christian basis for it. In fact, about twenty years ago they built a meditation chapel in the UN building, and at that time they had a big discussion about what would be the object of worship in it. You can’t have a Cross, because then you’re immediately branded as Christian; you can’t have anything Moslem or Hindu because again you’re identified; it has to be above all religions. Finally they decided on a black stone block. People experience an awesome feeling before it, as before an idol: a very vague kind of religious interest.”

From Ultimate Things: An Orthodox Christian Perspective on the End Times by Dennis E. Engleman

2 thoughts on “A Black Stone Block

  1. Father Milovan-
    I think some hospital chapels have similar appearances.
    Father Rodney

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